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Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance – Save 30%

A nib Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance policy from nib Travel Insurance is ideal for either the frequent business traveller or equally so for the traveller who is planning a number of leisure trips in a twelve month period. The more you are planning to travel the more cost effective it could be to purchase an annual multi-trip travel insurance policy.

nib Annual Travel Insurance – How it Works:

A multi-trip travel insurance policy is available to residents of Australia who are under the age of 70 at the time the Certificate of insurance is issued. You are covered for unlimited international and domestic trips with a maximum duration of any one trip of 60 days. If you are going on a longer trip than 60 days you can purchase an International policy for the extra days required. A maximum of two adults can be put on a policy as well as dependents under the age of 25 years. The adults can either travel together or independently of one another. The twelve month period of cover starts from your first planned departure date or nominated date. However the cancellation cover starts from the date of issue of the policy.

What Your Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance Includes:

Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance from nib Travel Insurance provides you with comprehensive cover for unlimited trips. It provides coverage in over 40 categories of cover. Below are just some of the main categories and their benefits.

 Per Adult
Medical and Dental ExpensesUNLIMITED
Evacuation and RepatriationUNLIMITED
Cancellation and Holiday DefermentUNLIMITED
Luggage and Personal Effects maximum limit$15,000
Rental Vehicle Insurance Excess$4,000
Personal Liability$2.5 Million
Plus Many More Categories of Cover

Please refer to the Policy Wording or the Benefits tab above for a full list of benefits.

Region A or Region B?

There are two nib Annual Multi-Trip policies available and the one you choose is dependent on which regions you may be travelling to in the twelve month period of the policy.

  • Region A – covers you worldwide. This covers you to all destinationa.
  • Region B – covers you worldwide excluding the USA, South America, Central America and Antarctica.

So if you are definitely not planning to travel to any of the excluded countries in Region B then you can certainly save on the premium. To give you an idea a single annual policy for Region B for someone under 50 years of age starts at $200.20 and for Region A is $332.50.

Existing Medical Conditions

If you have any Existing medical condition/s and you want them covered you will need to have them assessed and hopefully approved by the insurer. If approved this will ensure that you will be covered in the event that you cancel your travel arrangements as a result of a medical event related to your existing medical condition/s. You will also be covered for medical and hospital expenses whilst you travel if you suffer a medical event during your trip related to your existing medical condition/s. For further details of the existing medical conditions assessment process and how to go about getting approval please visit the Existing Medical Conditions page on our website.

Additional Options / Features

The nib International Travel Insurance Plan can be enhanced by purchasing additional benefits. These include adding snow sports cover, purchasing additional rental vehicle excess cover or insuring specified items of luggage. For full details of these additional benefits please click on the Additional Options tab above. Some of the features are ;

  • Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance is available if you are under 70 years of age at the time the policy is issued.
  • Children/Grandchildren under 25 are free when accompanying adults
  • You can make your policy excess free
  • 21 day cooling off period
  • Backed Worldwide by nib International Assistance

Travel Insurance 247 gives you the option of getting an online quote yourself by clicking on the nib Travel Insurance Quote button or for a detailed quote emailed to you please click on the Detailed Quote button. Many of our customers choose to get a detailed quote as it includes helpful information and tips specific to the policy you wish to purchase. Travel Insurance 247 look forward to being of assistance with the nib Travel Insurance products. Save 30% on all our premiums when you purchase online from this website. You can also email us any queries you may have to or call us on 1300 780 247 and speak with one of our friendly staff. 


nib Additional Options

You can add the following Additional benefits to your policy prior or post departure.

Snow Sports Cover

Snow Sports Cover can be purchased for an additional amount unless you are travelling to New Zealand where cover will be provided under the Snow Sports section free of charge.

The Snow sports cover will give you coverage for any claim arising due to the participation in snow sports up to the applicable limit of the relevant section.

Additional Rental Vehicle Insurance Excess Cover

This cover is available on the International, Annual Multi Trip and Australian Travel Plans.

If you are renting a car, campervan, motorcycle or boat, you may have to pay an insurance excess for an accident or theft. nib have included cover for rental vehicle insurance excess however you may wish to increase this cover for an additional amount.

The maximum additional cover you can purchase is $5,000 which will cost $20 for every $500 of additional cover.

Specified Item Cover

You can cover items worth more than the item limits on payment of an additional amount. Items separately insured under Specified Item cover are covered up to the amount specified even if this amount exceeds the total luggage limit set out in the schedule of benefits. The amount you pay to insure a specified item amounts to 3% of the value of the item.

For International and Annual Multi Trip Plans the maximum individual item limit is $6,000 per item with a total maximum total for all items of $15,000.

For Australian Travel Plans the maximum individual item limit is $4,000 per item with a total maximum total for all items of $10,000.

Removal of Excess

You can pay an additional premium on the International , Budget, Annual Multi Trip and Australian Plans to remove the excess.

For further information regarding any of the additional options please refer to the Policy Wording.

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