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Domestic Travel Insurance – Save 20%

AIG Domestic Travel Insurance is for Australian residents travelling within Australia. It also includes travel to Lord Howe Island, Cocos Island and Christmas Island. Whether it be a trip around Tasmania, a holiday on a Queensland island resort or an Indian Pacific rail journey this policy will cover you. Importantly your policy will cover you for some of the unexpected events that may cause you to cancel your holiday. As well as cancellation cover you will also have cover in some important areas such as Rental Vehicle Excess, Travel Delays and Financial Default plus more. There is sometimes a temptation not to take out Domestic Travel Insurance when travelling within Australia but frequent domestic travellers will always do so.

What your Domestic Travel Insurance Includes

Below are just some of the main categories of cover and their benefits of the AIG Domestic Travel Insurance policy.

 Per Adult
Cancellation and Holiday Deferment$10,000
Financial Default of Travel Service Providers$10,000
Emergency Expenses (except for G2 and G7)$10,000
Rental Vehicle Insurance Excess$4,000
Luggage (sub limits apply)$3,000
Personal Liability$1 Million

Please refer to the Policy Wording or the Domestic Benefits tab above for a full list of benefits.

Rental Vehicle Excess Insurance Explained

If you are hiring a car or a motor home as part of your holiday then purchasing an AIG Domestic Travel Insurance policy can save you the cost of your Rental Vehicle Excess charges.

An AIG Domestic Travel Insurance policy will cover you for $4,000 of Rental Vehicle Excess. This can also be increased by paying $15 per extra $500 up to a total maximum of $6,000.

So how does it work ? You will be asked by the hire car company whether you require collision damage waiver insurance to reduce the excess of the hire agreement. This daily charge can be anywhere between $25 and $30 a day. When you have an AIG domestic travel insurance policy you can say that I have that included in my travel insurance policy. If you happen to damage the vehicle on return the hire car company will debit an amount from your credit card. When you return from your trip you can then submit a travel insurance claim for the reimbursement of the charged amount.

So having a domestic policy that includes rental vehicle excess could save you up to $300 on an average car hire of ten days. You may find that your travel insurance policy may not cost you much more than that.

Existing Health Disorders

As Australians are covered by either Medicare or Private Health Insurance there is no medical cover included in a domestic policy. However if you want cancellation cover to include your Existing Health disorders you will need to have your medical conditions assessed. If you have your Existing Health Disorders approved you will then be covered in the event that you need to cancel your travel arrangements as a result of a medical event related to your existing medical conditions.

For more information about the existing health disorder medical assessment process and how to go about getting approval please visit the Existing Health Disorder page on our website.

Optional Cover

You can add a number additional benefits to your Domestic Travel Insurance policy. You can purchase additional rental vehicle excess as well as insuring your specified items of luggage. For full details of these additional benefits please click on the Optional Cover tab above.

  • Available to Australian residents of all ages
  • Grandchildren under 25 are free with an accompanying adult
  • You can remove the $50 excess from your policy
  • 14 day cooling off period
  • Emergency Assistance provided by Travelguard

Getting Your Travel Insurance Quote

When it comes to getting a quote Travel Insurance 247 gives you the option of getting an instant online quote yourself by clicking on the AIG Travel Insurance Quote button. Or for a more detailed quote that is emailed to you by one of our consultants please click on the Emailed Quote button.  Getting a detailed quote emailed to you will ensure that you will receive all the relevant information and guidance for your particular travelling scenario.

Travel Insurance 247 look forward to being of assistance with the AIG Domestic Travel Insurance product. All our AIG premiums are discounted by 20%. You can email any queries you may have to  or call us on 1300 780 247 for personal service.

AIG Domestic Travel Insurance Benefits

AIG Additional Options

Additional Rental Collision Damage Waiver and Theft Excess Cover

Rental Car Companies apply an excess in case of accident, damage or theft to the rental vehicle during the rental period. Your policy provides cover for this up to an amount of $4,000. If you have selected a One-trip plan (other than PH12 and Pl12) you have the option to increase the level of excess cover up to a maximum of $6,000. An extra premium of $15 is payable for each $500 of additional excess cover required.

Luggage Specified Items Cover

Cover on items worth more than the limits (including sporting equipment and cameras) can be arranged up to a maximum $4,000 for any one item or set of items with a maximum of $8,000 in total. The additional premium to be paid for a specified item is calculated at 4% of the value of the specified item.

Excess Payable

One trip International plans up to 34-days duration are free of an excess on claims. In the event of claims under other plans an excess will apply as follows :

  • For One – trip International plans of five-weeks duration or longer the excess is $100
  • For Annual Multi Trip Plans the excess is $100
  • For One-trip Domestic plan the excess is $50

Excess Eliminator

Payment of an additional $15 per policy or $25 for Annual Multi-trip plans can remove all excesses on claims on all Plans. For further information regarding any of the additional options above please refer to the AIG Product Disclosure Statement

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