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Multi-Trip Travel Insurance – Save 20%

An AIG Multi-Trip Travel Insurance policy from AIG is designed with the frequent traveller in mind. If you have a number of trips planned, either for business or for leisure, then an AIG Multi Trip  travel insurance policy may be a sensible purchase. Not only may it save you money but you will have one renewable policy for a twelve month period which saves you the hassle and time of purchasing individual policies for each trip

The Multi Trip Plan covers the person named on the Certificate of Insurance. You may include your spouse or de facto spouse as an accompanying person travelling with you by payment of an additional premium..

AIG Multi Trip Travel Insurance Includes:

An AIG Multi Trip Travel Insurance policy provides comprehensive cover. It provides coverage in many important categories of cover. Below are just some of the key benefits of your policy for International travel.

 Per Adult
Overseas Medical and HospitalUNLIMITED
Emergency ExpensesUNLIMITED
Cancellation Fees and Lost DepositsUNLIMITED
Luggage (sub limits apply)$15,000
Financial Default$10,000
Loss of Income$5,200
Rental Vehicle Insurance Excess$4,000
Your Legal Liability$2.5 Million
Plus Many More Categories of Cover

Please refer to the Policy Wording or the Annual Multi Trip Benefits tab above for a full list of benefits.

Multi Trip Travel Insurance – How it Works

A multi-trip travel insurance policy from AIG is available to permanent residents of Australia and must be purchased whilst in Australia. The annual policy is only available to travellers 69 years of age and under at the date of departure. The policy covers you for unlimited trips in the designated twelve month period on the Certificate of Insurance. The maximum duration of any one trip is 45 days. The trip must involve an overseas destination or a domestic destination no less than 250 kilometres from your home. The twelve month period of cover starts from your first planned departure date or nominated date. The cancellation cover starts from the date of issue of the policy.

Two Multi Trip Travel Insurance Policies to choose from

Depending on where you may be planning to travel will determine which of the two multi trip travel insurance options you may want to purchase.

  • Option 1 ( Plan AF12 ) : For Worldwide trips
  • Option 2 ( Plan AC12) : For Worldwide trips excluding USA, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America and Antarctica

If you will be spending more than 96 hours of any one trip in the continents of North America, South America or Antarctica then you must select Plan AF12.

Please Note: this policy will not cover any loss, injury, damage or legal liability arising directly or indirectly from travel in, to or through Afghanistan, Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, Sudan or Syria.

Existing Health Disorders

Getting coverage of any Existing Health Disorders will ensure you are covered for all possible medical related claims that may occur both before you travel and during your travels. Failure to get coverage for your condition/s may result in you having to pay very large medical and associated bills.

This policy does not automatically provide cover for travellers with an existing health disorder. However there are some conditions that are automatically covered and these are listed on page 12 of the Product Disclosure Statement. For full details of what is considered an existing health disorder and the related terms and conditions please refer to pages 10-12 of the Product Disclosure Statement.

Additional Optional Cover and Features

You can add additional benefits to your policy prior to departure. You can purchase additional rental vehicle excess cover and you can also insure specified items of luggage. You can also reduce the excess of $100 by paying an excess eliminator. Your spouse/de facto spouse can be added to the policy. For full details of these additional benefits please click on the Optional Cover tab above.

  • The AIG Multi Trip Insurance policy is available if you are 69 years or under
  • Dependent Children and Grandchildren under 25 are free with accompanying adults
  • There is an excess of $100 per claimable event which can be removed by paying $25
  • There is a 14 day cooling off period
  • Worldwide 24 Hour Emergency Assistance is provided by Travel Guard

Getting Your Travel Insurance Quote

When it comes to getting a quote Travel Insurance 247 gives you the option of getting an instant quote yourself by clicking on the AIG Travel Insurance Quote button or for a more detailed quote that is emailed to you by one of our consultants please click on the Emailed Quote button. Getting a detailed quote emailed to you will ensure that you receive all the relevant information and guidance for your particular travelling scenario.

Travel Insurance 247 look forward to being of assistance with the AIG Multi Trip Travel Insurance product. All our AIG premiums are discounted by 20%. You can email any queries you may have to  or call us on 1300 780 247 for personal service.

AIG International and Frequent Benefits

AIG Additional Options

Additional Rental Collision Damage Waiver and Theft Excess Cover

Rental Car Companies apply an excess in case of accident, damage or theft to the rental vehicle during the rental period. Your policy provides cover for this up to an amount of $4,000.

If you have selected a One-trip plan (other than PH12 and Pl12) you have the option to increase the level of excess cover up to a maximum of $6,000. An extra premium of $15 is payable for each $500 of additional excess cover required.

Luggage Specified Items Cover

Cover on items worth more than the limits (including sporting equipment and cameras) can be arranged up to a maximum $4,000 for any one item or set of items with a maximum of $8,000 in total. The additional premium to be paid for a specified item is calculated at 4% of the value of the specified item.

Excess Payable

One trip International plans up to 34-days duration are free of an excess on claims. In the event of claims under other plans an excess will apply as follows :

  • For One – trip International plans of five-weeks duration or longer the excess is $100
  • For Annual Multi Trip Plans the excess is $100
  • For One-trip Domestic plan the excess is $50

Excess Eliminator

Payment of an additional $15 per policy or $25 for Annual Multi-trip plans can remove all excesses on claims on all Plans.

For further information regarding any of the additional options above please refer to the AIG Product Disclosure Statement

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